Infrastructure / Other Facilities:

Being one of the largest shipyards in the area, as mentioned above, and originated from E.E.G.E., the yard has to introduce many projects and constructions, up to large freighters, making all the appropriate use of the equipment and of the natural advantage that it has.

Our spacious building facilities allow the execution of various machining works or other kind of works, providing this way the customers with various services quickly and for as long as it is needed.  The yard provides the following:

o    Automatic CNC cutting tool which uses oxygen & acetylene, plasma for aluminum and other specific materials

o    Disc Cutter Machine

o    Geared Head Miling & Drilling Machine

o    Press Strojaren piesok Machine

o    Lathe

o    Bench Grinder

o    Air compressors

o    Welding Machines

o    Carpentry

o    Electrical Workshop

o    Containers for offices and storage

o    Potain Tower cranes of 8 and 24 tons lifting capacity

o    Forklifts, Clark, trucks

o    Docking facilities, unique for the entire Shipyarding and Repairs Zone of Perama, with a 150m length dock equipped with an 8T Crane, and may accommodate large vessels on their side or aft, carry our painting works, modifications – repairs.

o    24/7 security

o    Our shipyard is monitored by surveillance system cameras for even more safety.