Work History

According to the records of the yard from mid-1992 until now, works have been carried out to hundreds of vessels- reefers, bulk carriers, tankers, cruise vessels and yachts, either for their usual maintenance or for further repairs and constructions, Typical cases are two reefer vessels which had been announced as total losses caused by fire, where the engine room and deck / accommodation were repaired and put back into operation.

The yard also modifies yachts. A recent case is  M / Y "MI ALMA", which was completely renovated in the passenger compartment, new engines were installed, the hull and deck were completely replaced along with a modification of  the shape of the stern. 

It is necessary to point out also the extensive retrofitting of a cruise vessel where the following works were successfully completed:

o Construction of three decks of aluminum shipbuilding hosted 150 new cabs.

o Renovation of existing spaces of the entire ship,

o Construction of new areas in the engine room and tanks in order to install all necessary new equipment for the accommodation of the additional passengers (new vacuum system, new pump room, air conditioning units, laundry units)